How to issue a residence permit on the basis of the purchase of real estate?

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The service of a residence permit include:
+ Search property according to your requirements, and in accordance with the requirements of residence permit
+ Legal registration of purchase of the property, the conclusion of the transaction
+ Preparation of documents for a residence permit
+ Application and obtaining documents

To obtain a temporary residence permit, you must:
Buy real estate, which is the minimum value shall be 250 000 euros. The requirements apply to the entire territory of Latvia;
Vehicles must be operably linked to one object, the total value of which is not less than 250 000 euros;
In primary applying for a residence permit required to pay an additional fee to the state budget of Latvia in the amount of 5% of the purchase and sale of real estate;
You will need to pay the state a fee of 2% of the value of the acquired real estate.
Who else has the right to a residence permit, in addition to the property owner?
The documents for a residence permit can apply as follows:
the spouse of the person acquiring property;
his minor children, being cared for;
persons under guardianship
If I become the owner of a residence permit in Latvia, which gives me the right to a residence permit in Latvia?
A person who has a residence permit in Latvia is free to come and go out of the country, has the right to work and study in Latvia, the right to use the public and health services, as well as all the social guarantees provided by Latvian citizens, such as unemployment benefits, benefits at the birth of the child and others. In addition, the owner of the residence permit has the ability to send invitations for teaching Latvian visa.
A person who has a residence permit have the right to visa-free visits to the countries of the Schengen agreement for up to 90 days in six months (except for the UK).
The owner of the residence permit should not travel outside the Schengen area for the annual re-registration, to hand over the passport to the immigration offices as necessary to obtain a Schengen visa. Once you get a residence permit in Latvia, your freedom of movement is not demarcated for at least five years.
Lack of refusal of entry to the European Union. You can freely visit the EU countries, and entry into other countries will be much easier for you. If once you have been denied a visa or not allowed to enter in one or another country after obtaining a residence permit, you will not be able to refuse entry without sufficient legal grounds.
You can freely buy and register one or more cars in Latvia and travel freely on it outside the country. However, you can not pass control to this car by proxy outside the European Union.
You will be able to pass the exam to receive Latvian driver's license, valid in the EU and other countries.
After five years, you will be able to extend your temporary residence permit for another five years or obtain a permanent residence permit in Latvia. A permanent residence permit gives a path to citizenship, as well as social and economic benefits in other European Union countries.
Ten years later, you can receive the Latvian citizenship after passing the naturalization process. This will allow you and your children to become full-fledged citizens of the European Union, to enjoy all the social benefits of Latvia and the European Union, to travel freely, work, do business, and much more.
For how long is a temporary residence permit, and what documents are needed to extend the residence permit?
The residence permit is issued for 5 years, to be renewed annually (re-registration).
For the annual re-registration, the following documents:
health insurance policy for the next year;
a certificate from the government for payment of property tax;
a document confirming the necessary subsistence, that means your account is enough to stay in Latvia for the year ahead (at the rate of 960 euros owner apartments, 320 euros and 192 euros a spouse child all amounts should be multiplied by 12 months).
The documents for re-registration are available for 45-90 days before the deadline specified in the residence permit card.
How quickly it is necessary to take a decision and get a card of a residence permit?
The decision to grant temporary residence permits did three months. If the foreign national has not received a decision within three months, the whole procedure must be conducted again.
If I received a residence permit in Latvia, can I cross the borders of the Schengen countries?
Yes. If you have a valid residence permit, you have the right to be in the other countries of the Schengen area to 90 days within six months. In this case, a visa is required.
What are the main causes of failure in obtaining a residence permit?
lack of the necessary documents for obtaining a residence permit, as well as non-compliance with formalities for their submission;
making false statements;
lack of minimal financial resources to stay in Latvia;
brought by a travel document (passport) is not valid in the Republic of Latvia;
the absence of a travel document (passport);
the state of health of the alien poses a threat to residents of Latvia. Except in cases where the purpose of visiting the country is the treatment in Latvia;
illegal residence of a citizen of another state in the Republic of Latvia, as well as its aiding another person in the illegal border crossing of Latvia;
foreigner is a "persona non grata";
the foreigner convicted in the territory of Latvia or abroad for a period of three years (if at the end of the term of conviction passed by five years or punishment abolished by court order, the foreigner can obtain a residence permit);
compensation for departure for permanent residence abroad (except for those foreigners who at the time were minors or foreigners paid the consideration received);
inviting person has lost the right to stay in Latvia;
the alien is in the military or other public service of another state;
suspected to conclude a marriage in order to obtain a residence permit in Latvia;
a foreign national is working or has worked over the last year without issuing an employment contract;
inviting person withdraws challenge in writing;
inviting person missing, incapacitated, died;
a foreign citizen has compromising information, is grounds for a ban on entry and stay in Latvia.
Do I need to get the Latvian driver's license, if I have a residence permit in Latvia?
Yes, you have, you have to live in Latvia, 185 days, after which necessarily have to get a Latvian driver's license. This will need to take a driving test and undergo a medical examination. Was trained at the Latvian driving school is not necessary if you already have the right to the Russian Federation. Keep in mind that Russian law (or other country of which you are) taken.

Why business should choose to Latvia?

In Latvia, there are significant benefits to the business organization:
► Latvia is a member of the European Union since 2004
► Latvia is a member of the euro area in 2014
► high business reputation in terms of the law (not included in the "Black / offshore 'lists of other countries)
► Low taxes (eg income tax - 15%)
► Latvia is a single customs area of the European Union
► Easy for a residence permit of the European Union
► developed banking system / high level of service of service
► Legal protection of foreign investments
► A stable financial situation of the State
► developed transport infrastructure - a wide range of direct flights and bus routes
► Good knowledge of Russian and English languages in the population
In Latvia, a pleasant climate, favorable conditions of life, the sea with white sandy beaches, the property is reasonably priced, high-end restaurants, luxury hotels and so on. D.