International real estate company             

The main aim of "Baltic States" is a high-quality, professional service.
Turning to us company you can solve any problem - we will help you to find a more appropriate solution.
We give your specialist from our team, who, with great interest and responsibility, will help you in any situation. Baltic States" we are active, fast-growing, international company.
The company's management has a lot of experience in real estate TRADE across territory of Latvia.
Our partners are major real estate companies in countries such as Russia, Turkey, Spain and United States of America.
"Baltic States" primary goal is to provide quality, professional mediation services throughout the territory of Latvian cities as well as rural areas.
Any customer as well as the partner can choose your own personal consultant of our team, who will represent your interests with special attention in your behalf.
We are open for cooperation with Latvian and foreign real estate companies.
We offer all kinds of services, such as:
  •     Real estate purchase/sale;
  •     Real estate rents/leases;
  •     Real estate investments
  •     Real estate consultations
  •     Real estate and residence permits for foreign nationals.